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Google home For Your Smart Home

Google is known for researching and coming up with great solutions to our daily life by using ML, AI, and IoT. One of their products is google home which you can use for your home automation. It is one of the serious smart device speakers or digital voice assistants which was rolled out in 2016 at google headquarters of I/O. It can help you automate your smart home. 

Google home has improved the way we listen to our music unlike when people used to play music or play the piano. You can imagine how life was when you the only thing in your house to play music with was a piano. You cant talk to it to play music or tell it to control anything else. One of these oldest pianos which we can compare with is found in the Metropolitan Museum of art in new york dating back 1720s. Unfortunately, the first one which was made in the 1700s no longer exists. The best thing is now with google home you can tell it to play a piano key and you don’t need those huge wooden piano keyboards though it is considered to be a fashion to have them in your house.

Why have google home in your house?

If you want to command all your home appliances with your voice then Google home allows you to do so. The smart speaker comes in three types. 

  1. Google Home smart speaker – It is not such a powerful speaker for your smart home but its a device that makes good use of your voice to command your interconnected devices with the help of google assistance. 
  2. Google Home Mini smart speaker – it is a small beautiful looking ball although it sounds not that powerful although it will control your home appliances and other devices conveniently. 
  3. Google Home Max smart speaker – It produces a strong sound with bass and you can even connect it with max models to produce a powerful sound. It has 6 powerful onboard microphones that can hear your sound from far. It is very convenient for the automation of your smart home. 

Google Home smart speakers compete very well with other smart devices like Alexa. Among the best models is the max. Mini is the best in your vehicle or on go. 

What can google home do around your smart home; 


Smart home hubs can do well with google home. You can tie all your devices together with it for easy control. 

Insteon control

Devices may face difficulties in communication and Insteon hub control helps a lot since it is a closed system. Google home works very well with Insteon wifi cameras for security purposes or Insteon thermostat in regulating your house temperature. 

Samsung Smart Appliances 

Samsung has many smart appliances products, ranging from refrigerators, smart TVs and microwaves. Google Home is very compatible with these home appliances. 

Google Home also supports wink hub 2 which gives you many options for connectivity making it easier to control your devices on your phone. It also helps you control your thermostart by speaking to it. You can also use it to control your lighting using your smart bulbs. 

Google home is implementing AI combining it with ML and IoT to bring to make a smart home dream come true. We might think we are getting to the climax of technology but in the coming years, AI will make our homes look a magic hub. The future google home AI may tell you how many people are in your house and what are they doing at that moment. The AI awareness home will maybe have everything ready for you like you wake up and find a ready-made coffee and breakfast. You will only need to tell google home what you want for breakfast.