Written by: AI & Interior Design

Your Dream interior with Planner 5d

With artificial intelligence and other technologies, it is no longer important to hire people to design your home. You just need a software system like Planner 5D which you can just click without consulting anyone. Imagine creating different colors, material, patterns and furthermore editing your unique design and taking a snapshot to capture your design. 

Interior design is science and art of decorating and polishing the interior of a room to come up with a conducive and pleasing environment. It has created many professions for the past hundred years. The middle class and the rise of complicated architecture brought the interior design profession. When we see in magazines fancy home with beautiful interior designs its good to remember in historical interior designs there were more than what we were seeing with our eyes. Most of them were drawn on a piece of paper before being implemented. They were inspired by animals or creative artist. 

The commercial interior design and management started to grow in the mid to late 19th century. The middle class was growing due to the industrial revolution making the demand for interior design high. Big furniture firms were now starting to specialize in interior design for their clients by furnishing the whole house with fancy design styles. By 1914 the business was thriving and creating professionals who only specialized with interior designs only by the mid 20th. By the 1950s and 1960s, there were even big companies advertising their work and artist were drawing the sample of their interior designs. They were printing, publishing and circulating catalogs of their fancy and lavish designs to attract their clients. Many schools established schools to teach interior designs which opened up for publications of interior texts books publications. 

Now with the error of technology interior design is easy with software like Planner 5D. It makes it easier to design and decorate your room or your compound with it. You don’t need any professional skills to operate it. 

Merits of using Planner 5D 

  • It is fun and easy to use. You can make your simple ideas of your interior come to reality. There are templates from other editors that you can use to outsource more ideas. 
  • You can create different styles of your dream house, hotel, flats, and many other designs by using either 2D or 3D.
  • You can turn your design into a photo by just one click which will render your work into a 3D design. 
  • The software applications are supported on different platforms like iOS and Android phones. The software comes in different versions. 
  • You can sell or market your work to your customers on the Planner 5D website. Also, interior design bloggers have an opportunity to share
  • There are simple steps to come up with your final product. They include coming up with ideas, organize your plans, make them come to reality by visualizing, and then rendering. 
  • It has great features for design, furniture, texture, and colors. 
  • It has a free version and a good priced paid version. 
  • It has a desktop application, a mobile application, and a web platform.

The software has incorporated artificial intelligence to make it easy for users to designs their new designs. With the AI software creative, one can be creative easily and come up with interesting interior designs. AI is now replacing humans with such software coming into play. The software has ML algorithms that can learn from different users and help AI come up with thinking precesses for designing the interior of a home. The applications AI can learn the rules of interior designs, like how to match the styles with colors. For example, it can know you cant place a fridge near the window. 

Many interior designers are recommended to use this app because it requires few skills and gives out quality designs. It also a good application to play with it for fun or trying to redesign your own interior.