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Alexa for your smart home

Smart Devices are becoming our basic needs in this error of AI, IoT, and ML. You can now sync your home with smart devices to control your house lighting, your refrigerator and all your home appliances with Alexa. This was not the case many years ago and people relied on the old music system to keep their homes attractive and conducive.

Victrola phonograph the oldest smart home of old times

Victrola phonograph

This device was invented in 1877 which could record and reproduce sounds, unlike our Alexa which you can command to do something for you. Victor Talking Machine Company made it with the idea of house furniture rather than a music sound machine. By 1906 the device was a hit and made many sales. It was characterized by different sizes and designs to match with interior designs. It had challenges when changing the music as one had to go deep inside the cabinet to change the music by lifting the needle but later the manufacturer fixed it in later versions. Later they made new models that were valuable and many are preserved in museums. 

This opened up to the making of the table radios which were used to receive signals in the early 1900s. Before radios were used for music only. Later models allowed CD players. Unfortunately or fortunately all the old radio technology is being replaced by smart devices like Alexa. 

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is one of the virtual assistant devices that is implementing Artificial Intelligence to solve your home problems since November 2014. You can speak to it and it gives you back the results you want like adjusting your house temperature. The Amazon Echo dot speakers were the first to use it. Now it is taking over home automation by just using voice assistants. 

Why should you connect your home devices with Alexa?

Imagine in your home bored and you can just ask what is the latest news, how is the weather outside, how is the traffic. This is fun and entertaining. You can connect Alexa with devices using a hub or setting up your echo dot directly around your home to control them with just your voice. There are a lot of Alexa options for your smart home;

Control your light

You can integrate Alexa with your smartphone. You can tell Alexa to turn on or off or change the color. Connecting Alexas with your devices is one of the coolest features of the device. Alexa can detect or Discover the devices nearby. You can now use your Alexa compatible bulbs as instructed by the manufacturer and be on the same wifi with all your devices. Its easier to interconnect these devices whether its bulbs or smart switches. You can use the names you have given your bulbs to control them. 

Control your house temperature 

Depending on the weather you can direct Alexa to control your Thermostats automatically and keep your room comfortable. 

Control your smart tv 

You can select a lot of menus with Alexa to give you a good home entertainment experience. 

With Alexa, you can connect it with your Alexa-compatible Smart Locks, integrate it with a smart camera and create your favorite music playlist. 

Alexa is now considered as one of the computers that can talk by implementing AI in it to work magically. It can even sense the emotions and determine the context of the conversation, engagement, tone, and memory. This helps it either create emotionally complex or conceptually conversations. 

This is just a short believe explanation of how Alexas is changing our smart home by connecting to other devices that make use of AI technology. You can also see how the house devices have evolved from old radios to smart devices. Technology is making our homes more entertaining and fun to live in.