Written by: AI & Interior Design

Constructing An AI-Powered kitchen

I cannot even conclusively exhaust just how much impact AI has had on the kitchen. From being that region of the house with the most tasks and being the riskiest of them all, the kitchen has become a hub of AI-powered tools and functions. Together with the entertainment room, the kitchen has had the greatest revolution since the invention of AI. So, let us have a look at some of the things the kitchen can thank AI for now and forevermore. The beauty of it all is that these appliances can be installed into your home during construction thereby saving a lot of expenses, effort, and time.

  1. Cooking appliances

We can all agree that primarily, cooking is what every kitchen seeks to do. And cooking the greatest food since the greatest memories are made by food. So, in the home, very many appliances are installed both during and after construction to power your kitchen with the latest AI technologies for cooking. For instance, for baking good food and mixing drinks, the Perfect Bake Pro works perfectly. These smart products connect with your phone using an app that allows you to prepare food and forget. It will alert you throughout your cooking of the points of adding different ingredients and even notifies you of when the food is ready. Also, a new emerging and interesting cooking technique- Sous Vide- that uses vacuum technology has also arisen off-late- with the advent of AI. Sous Vide devices are thus, also quite revolutionary AI technologies for cooking in the kitchen.

  1. Cleaning appliances

We know just how sensitive the kitchen is to cleanliness. If you have to keep your family safe, then you have to keep your kitchen extremely clean. Any low cleaning standards could lead to a very high risk of illnesses that could affect all who consume food that comes from that kitchen. Because of its high sensitivity, very many AI-powered technologies have been developed that are installed both during and after construction to help in kitchen cleaning.

For dishwashing, there exist dishwashing machines that are powered by AI. From sorting your dishes based on purpose and material to finding the best and most efficient dishwashing strategy, these dishwashers cut the washing time by 50% and increase efficiency by almost 70%. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Dusting and mopping the surfaces and floor of the kitchen has also been taken care of by AI-powered devices such as DEEBOT T8 that achieve high levels of cleanliness with just a single swoosh across our kitchen surface. With machine learning, these devices ‘understand’ your kitchen and optimize your cleaning. In addition, these devices have a live stream that allows you to track the cleaning of your kitchen from anywhere in the world.

  1. Storage facilities

Like cleaning and cooking, storage of food makes the kitchen a very sensitive area. You want to safely store your food and avoid contamination and increase its lifeline. Because of this high level of necessity, the kitchen has many AI-powered devices for food storage. For starters, of course, the smart refrigerator. The refrigerator has undergone so many improvements overtime till eventually, it has become smart. The smart ‘fridge’, technically uses a combination of IoT, NLP, and ML to effectively store your food safe and clean. It connects to the fridge, then, depending on the features built into it, it allows you to see what’s inside remotely using your smartphone; it also allows you to send and receive important notifications such as how old your food is and when it will go bad.

So, AI has made the kitchen a family’s best friend. You can have these devices that will revolutionize your kitchen time.