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Smart AI Camera for your Smart home

We keep hearing of AI cameras but we have no have a clear idea of what it is all about. AI application nowadays is very common in almost everything. Let’s explore more about these smart AI cameras and get to know how exactly they affect us. Let us start with a believe history of cameras. 

The first camera was the pinhole camera which dates back to middle ages. It reproduced the image with the same colors and preserving it. Nicéphore Niépce invented is remembered for his experiment with photography in 1816 with his heliography device. He used to capture images from his office window. The light from the window could react with chemicals and create a photo. It was a long eight hours process the photo could even fade away after a while. His former partner Louis Daguerre made a daguerreotype camera that used a silver plate sheet made of copper which could record a photo. This is considered the first invention. The birth of the hand camera was later when Richard Maddox invented the first dry plate made of gelatin. The paper film was first made by George Eastman in 1985 where later he made the Kodak Camera which could take 100 photos. The smaller camera was invented in 1913 by Oskar Barnack where it boosted commercial purposes after World War 1. In 1988 the first digital camera was invented though it was not available in the market until 1991 when Kodak made their first digital camera. 

 The first CCTV was invented in Germany by Siemens to help observe rockets launching during the second world war in 1942. The commercial CCTV system was introduced in 1949 in the USA. In 1968 VCR advance CCTV was invented and New York City installed the first street CCTV cameras in the city. The system later advanced and it was replaced with digital recorders making it possible to run and monitor everything without supervision and install the system easily. 

The camera technology making further progress by incorporating artificial intelligence. 

How will these AI cameras affect our life? They help in requisite photo enhancement or processing in real-time. Many smartphones use facial recognition to unlock it which is an AI technology that analysis your face and recognizes it. It will even recognize when you have dreadlocks or when you have shaved and still unlock your smartphone. 

Besides smartphone cameras, there are wireless security cameras for our smart homes. They are not expensive and they provide professional monitoring. These smart cameras help to keep your smart home safe all the time whether it’s an outdoor or your indoor. The cameras record HD video coverage evidence which you can access any time you want remotely using your phone. You can imagine how interesting it is monitoring your home or office work when you are on a vocation.  

Some of the best cameras examples are, 

  • Wyze Cam v2 HD – it is an indoor wireless camera with excellent night vision. It works with Alexa and you can use your voice to tell it to show you around your home.
  • A Maximus smart HD camera that has motion-activated for the outdoor floodlight.
  • Nest Smart camera. It works as a doorbell and it can tell you who is knocking and talk to him remotely wherever you are. 

Others include Amazon Cloud smart indoor camera, Nest cam outdoor security camera, and August Doorbell Cam. 

The wireless smart security cameras help you access your recordings without hassle or wiring interconnections. They are flexible hence you can move them to your desired point. They have a good power back up which will make them continue monitoring even when there are power outages. You can easily expand your monitoring syatem by adding new cameras with time. The best thing with them is remotely accessing your recording evidence which will help you get to know anything happening around your home or office through your smart devices.