Written by: Smart Home

Home cleaning using AI

Home cleaning can take a toll on you. All over the world people wake up and get exhausted at the fact that they have home cleaning to do. But thankfully we have AI and it is causing quite some revolution even in the home cleaning space. Today, we analyze some of the technologies that have been developed to help in the execution and management of home cleaning activities. From simple tasks to hard tasks that take hours to do, AI and automation has revolutionized home cleaning. We no longer have to wake up hours earlier to do vacuum cleaning or even spend a lot of time doing our dusting and clearing, there are specialized technologies designed to carry out these particular tasks.

  1. Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning has for a long time become a nightmare to many. Over time, technologies have been developed, automating some aspects of vacuum cleaning, including the revolutionary Vacuum Cleaner, first invented in 1901. It went through several iterations and improvements before it became the gadget we have come to love. However, the Vacuum cleaner had one issue: it actively involved human input and was still quite tiresome to use. In the recent past, however, there have been severe improvements in AI and vacuum cleaning with technologies such as the Neato Botvac D5 and the iRobot Roomba 980 which pretty much automated the entire process. From the smart analysis of the room using optical technology and neural networks to deploying the right execution of the tasks for maximum efficiency, vacuum-cleaning never got better. Although the machines still haven’t figured out proper motion across complex surfaces such as going up or down a flight of stairs, you can still be sure that they will properly do the vacuum cleaning for your room, even in your absence.

  1. Lawn Mowing

We all know how much lawn mowing can eat into your weekend when you should be spending that time hanging out with your family or catching up on the latest shows. This is what motivated the exquisite Robomow to be designed: to give you time to relax. Drawing its inspiration from the phenomenal movie Robocop, Robomow just does that: it cuts down the bad guys (grass) and like Robocop, leaves your yard and you feeling fresh, well-kept, and safe. The most outstanding feature about lawn mowing using the Robomow is just how easily and efficiently it does its work. From Natural Language Processing where you issue instructions to it verbally, to self-automation where it can turn itself on and off upon instructions, to motion and optic sensors which assist in efficiency while executing the task. Plus, it does have to take its shirt off while mowing and cause mass hysteria!

  1. Window wiping and Cleaning

Well, this also has to be one of the most boring tasks ever. Imagine, just staring through a transparent glass surface, cleaning it, while watching other people having fun on the other side of the window. Pretty boring, right? Well, thankfully, there is the WINBOT 880 which takes care of this tiresome task. With most windows being made of glass thereby being extra sensitive, window cleaners need extra security features to not only keep it safe and secure, but the user as well. With a combination of optimized navigation and smart detection, WINBOT goes over your windows 4 times to ensure maximum cleanliness.

These are just a few of the many revolutionary technologies you can use to help you save time during your home cleaning. The beauty with it is the machine learning in them that helps them improve their functionality with time. So you can be confident with their execution of the task and their submission to you, at least for now!