Written by: AI & Interior Design

Ecovas Smart AI Robot Cleaner

Technology is full of ironies. The rate at which automation is taking over many of our daily tasks is fascinating. Old times are gone where one had to spend time cleaning your rooms with hands. Ecovacs has solved this problem of cleaning your room manually and removing stuff that could make the vacuum cleaner get stuck on them. They have incorporated artificial intelligence to develop a robot vacuum cleaner which has become one of the best home robotic appliances. It uses TensorFlow lite to navigate and sense any obstacles. 

What is its Technical aim and background?

This Robot cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that can clean your room automatically and successfully. It has many features that help it do these tasks with ease. They include auto-recharge, environment mapping, obstacle climbing, and anti-drop. It has a laser distance sensor that technically helps it map the area around it and with the help of an infrared sensor it can detect any obstacle around it. 

The SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technique is smart but sometimes it cannot detect all the obstacles on the floor especially the small ones and soft ones. The infrared sensors, bumpers and, Laser Lidar sensors cannot detect these obstacles successfully. These can lead to your robot pushing your shoes to somewhere else making it hard to trace them, also the robot can be entangled by wires around the room and some of your soft mats can also be entangled making the vacuum cleaner break down. 

One easiest way to avoid the above challenges is arranging your house before you start your vacuum cleaner which makes the cleaning process a hassle. By adding a camera in front of the robot helps computer algorithms see these obstacles and avoid them. Now your shoes, dustbins, changers, wires, and mats cannot be pushed again. This technology requires a lot of data which is hard to collect due to the complexity of house interiors, many available objects which are small and soft sometimes and computing is also a challenge. With these challenges, it becomes hard to detect objects with algorithms. The robot has solved this by implementing deep neural networks for object detections. This technology is based on TensorFlow which is a reliable framework with available resources for re-use. It has available API and the framework can be easily deployed. 

How is data gathered?

A large amount of data is the foundation of the deep learning model. To build this robot a lot of data was collected around the world. This helps come up with an accurate and robust dataset. This data is collected in different places and different places. Then the data is cleansed to remove duplicate images that would use more memory. Data argumentation helps in simulating objects. 

Many robot vacuum cleaners already have this technology. Ecovas has guaranteed its clients that this device will not collect and store personal images and send them back to the company. But they give you an option where you can help them collect data to improve the technology. Privacy is key when such technology is taking shape and using a neural network model on such a vacuum cleaner is recommended. 

This Robot vacuum cleaner helps you enjoy life by living smart. It is a robot that will adapt to your home after learning how your house looks like. Incorporating artificial intelligence has made the vacuum cleaner more autonomous and cleaning is now more easy and efficient. It smart AVI navigation and mapping is a reliable technology which helps in securing the data collected. It is developed in a such a way that it adapts to various floor layout and different cleaning task which takes user experience to a new level.