Written by: AI & Interior Design

3 AI-Powered Interior Design Tools

Who said AI cannot be used for Interior Design? As AI is causing shockwaves across the entire world, Interior Design is not being left behind. In fact, this is one of those industries that has for a long time been struggling with expensive mistakes, that AI has come to solve. Interior Design is an expensive industry and various aspects of it such as design and implementation is an expensive affair that needs to be properly planned and executed to reduce any chances of costly mistakes. These are just some of the issues these 3 design tools come to help solve: to ease the entire process of interior design and reduce the cost as much as possible.

IKEA Place

This is one of the leading furniture brands and they have smartly designed a platform known as IKEA Place that allows users to do their own interior designing. IKEA place is built on Augmented Reality (ARCore) allowing you to place their furniture virtually on spaces within your house just through scanning the space using your phone camera. The platform also allows users to ‘mix’ their current products with IKEA’s products through an intelligent feature that allows you to blend your current home products with those of IKEA and see which fits the best.

Also, the app provides an accurate measurement of the products that would fit within the scanned space, which reduces the chances of users picking furniture that will not fit within the scanned space. Quite fancy and convenient, right?


This is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that basically does all your interior design. The system combines very advanced algorithms, deep-Learning which image-processing that automatically produces interior designs of very high quality and specification. The procedure of the design is quite simple. First, you take a picture of the room you intend to design. After that, you fill out a brief questionnaire (You can also choose photos of designs you like from their collection). Once you have done this, the AI system comes up with various images that will suit your space to the last inch. An interesting fact about this system is it actually generates Interior Design photos and not models. They look exactly like the real deal and will help even an extreme novice have a good interior design experience.

Planner 5D

With more than 80 million projects under its name and more than 40 million users, you can be sure Planner 5D is the real deal when it comes to interior design. This AI, VR, and AR-powered tool allows for even the ordinary, non-skilled homeowner to very easily make interior designs and create artistic floor plans. Available for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and web, the platform has a special functionality that turns a 2D blueprint into a 3D version. Its intelligent neural-network instantly digitize floor plans. All you need to do is just upload a floor plan and the AI will do its job.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, there are a whole lot of AI tools outside there for interior design. From those ones with just simple designing capabilities to those that help in designing to the last detail of your space. Whether you an experienced interior designer or are a greenhorn with no design or software skills, these apps, systems, and software will help you design so quickly, cheap, and with a lot of ease. Even if you are an experienced interior, it is no big problem to spend a little more time to garner more experience by using this AI design tools. Look around, you will find one that suits you perfectly.