Written by: Smart Home

AI-powered smart bed

Artificial intelligence is making your sleep comfortable and fun. You will no longer wake up tired again. An AI-powered bed can learn your sleeping patten and regulate your dynamic bed temperature automatically. This contributes to achieving optimal sleep, rest, recovery, and fitness.

After a short time of using your mattress, you consider it old and throw it away. Interestingly the oldest bed dates back 77,000 years ago. It was discovered in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal. It was made of plants that were put together to make layers that were periodical to get lid of pest. The bend was huge enough for a family around 22 square feet. Grass beds were common among the prehistoric nomads around 8000BC. An example of such bed was spotted in Hinds Cave Texas which was speculated was used by hunters and gatherers. It was a comfortable oval bed which kept one warm during the night. Around 1000BC and 3000BC Egyptians who were known for early technology inventions and many advancements invented a raised bed. This kept one off the ground from the floor cold. It was made of wood and jewels and gold for special people in the community. It had a wool cushion mattress and wooden pillows. Wealthier ancient Romans slept on metal beds which were raise. Bed technology went on improving and in 18th-century beds become beautiful and many people could afford comfortable beds. In the 19th century, bedrooms become more modern and luxulious. Metal beds with springs were invented this time.

Today there are many choices of beds characterized by different types and sizes;

  1. A single bed model is meant for one or children and it the smallest bed of all even than the twin model and twin XL model.
  2. A double Model bed is a comfortable bed meant for two people and has a large sleeping area. It is also referred to as a full bed model.

Other types are Kingsize, double-decker, letto zip, concealed, sonic bed, hanging bed, ottoman bed among others.

Artificial intelligence bed is improving the way we sleep. It taking beds technology to another level. An example of such a bed is the Bryte Bed which comprises sensors that can sense your weight distribution, the pressure that you are exerting on it, your sleep quality and your body temperature. It has a pneumatic system that controls the sixteen different zones of the bed. The system controls itself through the night adjusting the conditions silently. The AI system differentiates when two couples sleep at the same time or if it is one person sleeping and adjust according to their preferences.

The brain of this bed is the Aiden sleep “personal sleep expert”. It records and stores a lot of data which it uses to learn how each individual behaves when sleeping and adjusts accordingly even when one’s pattern changes it can learn and adjust. The smart bed can also connect with other smart home devices to provide a comfortable sleep experience. The system can adjust the lights and temperature automatically to create a mood that will make the user either sleep or wake up. The user can always set his preferences.

Eight Sleep Pod is another high-tech bend. It can control itself and also controlled manually. It can wake you up by using its thermal alarm which gradually begins to cool you the minutes before. This helps you wake up slowly without disturbance. The Pod’s biometric collects and records data of users’ sleep patterns, quality, duration and consistency which helps to measure the sleep fitness of the user. It also works with Philips Hue Lights, Amazon Alexa, and Google Nest. Pods bed has iOS and Android apps that help control the system.

With smart bed helps improve sleep performance and the ability to sleep well and control your night mood.