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AI Powered Fridges for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen needs to be equipped with a smart fridge that can tell you your drinks or foodstuffs are getting low, help you to create a shopping list or you can order drinks from it directly. With the advancement in technology kitchen appliances are going smart with Artificial intelligence.

500B.C. Ice was preserved in houses the whole year for preserving food. Romans and Greeks used pits with ice for preservation While Egyptians placed containers outside to cool overnight. The first refrigeration was invented in 1740s where they discovered heating liquid to a gas helped in refrigeration. This idea still holds in our modern refrigerators. In 1802 Thomas Moore invented and patented a box made for preserving daily products. He called this box a refrigerator. Demand for food preservation continued to grow which boosted the economy and developments. In 1840s carpenters made insulated wooden iceboxes for preservation. This method of using ice posed serious health problems and it had to come to an end. In 1876 Carl Von Linde patented the first reliable technology of liquefying a gas. The idea used an ammonia gas for the process which made it adaptable in many industries. Fred Wolf invented the electric refrigerator used in many houses. The technology continued to grow with many inventions. Most of them lead to accidents when the gases leaked. Others consumed a lot of energy leading to energy labeling programs which helped users compare the efficiency of energy use.

Four major types of refrigeration

  1. Mechanical compression. It compresses the refrigerants into a solid and turns it to hot gas. These refrigerants release heat when they condense and absorb it when they boil.
  2. Absorption refrigeration. This is a process that removes heat by absorbing and heating refrigerants instead of compressing them.
  3. Evaporative Cooling is another method where the water absorbs the heat as it evaporates.
  4. The thermoelectric method of refrigeration uses an electric current and a thermocouple which heat on one end and cools on the other. The cold part absorbs heat cooling the surrounding area.

Now companies like LG and Samsung are applying the internet of things to advance refrigeration technology. Samsung went further fixing it with cameras that can show you when the foodstuffs are about to get spoiled.

LG Instaview refrigerator is a smart kitchen appliance that will amaze you. It utilizes AI to control your recipes based on what you have stored in it. It can even use ThinkQ oven to prepare your dinner step. It has an LCD touchscreen which you can see through and at the same time, it has a computer display. To select the option that you want you just double-tap. It can verbally guide you using the Amazon Alexa and you can also command it using your voice. It comprises of LG WebOS too.

You can set it to wash your dish based on what was cooked in it smart oven. It can detect the expiry date of what is preserved inside, make you a shopping list and show different recipes.

Despite having a voice commands built-in Alexa, it is also controlled remotely using LG mobile app. Smartphones and refrigerators can create and share photos, recipes, and shopping lists instantly. The inside camera can help you check remotely what is inside your fridge. It matches your interior style and easy to clean. Unlike old fridges in consumes less energy and it has convenient safety features like an automatic closing door, door alarm, and a child lock. It can also help you order from Amazon when your stock is running low. IT is part of LG ThinkQ Artificial intelligent powered hence works with other LG products that use the technology.

Automation is shaping the smart market and turning the dream of smart homes into reality. In the future, AI will be the core-based of how our home appliances operates. The problem is that we don’t know the dangers of this home automation.