Written by: Smart Home

Smart Home Automation Hacks

With the ever-increasing availability of smart home devices and services, it’s never been easier to automate our homes. Whether you’re interested in monitoring your home from afar, locking your front door from the office, or turning off the lights with a voice command, there are plenty of ways you can bring more ease and efficiency to your daily routine. Even if you don’t have much experience with technology or DIY projects, there are plenty of simple hacks that will enable you to take full advantage of the smart features available in almost every home today.

Monitor Your Home From Afar

If you just like to keep tabs on what’s going on at home, you might want to invest in a home security camera. These devices have become increasingly affordable in recent years, and many feature smart home integrations so you can monitor your house remotely — and with the added convenience of a mobile app, you can keep track of your home from anywhere.


Lock Doors, Windows, and Showers

These devices can be controlled using your smartphone, which opens up a world of convenience and ease of use. This is also a great way to stay safe if you’re going out and aren’t able to get to your keys in time. You can also use these devices to lock or unlock your windows and even your shower. A smart lock is a simple and efficient way to keep your home and loved ones safe.


Turn on the Lights Automatically

Most smart lighting systems offer scheduling options, which means you can set them to turn off automatically whenever you leave the house. This is especially handy if you have outdoor lights, since they might be on while you’re sleeping at night. You can also use this feature to save energy and money by turning off your lights when they’re not needed.


Integrate Your Favorite Apps With Voice Commands

If you own an Amazon Echo or Google Home device, you can integrate it with a variety of smart home devices. This means you can control your lights, thermostat, and even your security system with just a few simple voice commands. You can create specific “routines” for every time you enter a room or use a specific appliance, which means that you can fully automate your home with just a few words.


Lock Down Remote Access While You’re Out

This is a great way to keep thieves out of your home while you’re away. It will also protect you from any cyber threats that might exist on your devices, since they won’t be able to access your network while you’re out of town. You can set up a virtual lock with your home automation system whenever you leave the house — and you can unlock it again when you return so you can get back online and use your devices like normal.


Automate your Kitchen with Smart Appliances

Kitchen appliances have been getting smarter and smarter in recent years, which means you can easily automate them and integrate them with your home automation system. You can set a timer on your microwave, make it shut off automatically when your food is ready. You can even set a dishwasher to run automatically at a certain time every day. With a smart fridge, you can set reminders to add new items to a shopping list, keep track of expiration dates, or even remotely open the door. You can also keep an eye on your fridge’s temperature remotely, which is especially helpful if you’re away on vacation.



Your home is the most important space in your life, and if you want to be happy and comfortable, you need to feel in control. Home automation can help you gain that control by simplifying your daily routine and saving you time and effort. There are plenty of ways you can automate your home so you can live a more efficient, comfortable life