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6 AI-powered interior designing tools to decorate your home

Decoration is one of the important aspects of construction that enriches the beauty of the home. With tech giants competing in innovation and production of better AI devices, the use of artificial intelligence in decoration is proving to be more helpful than many had thought. The home design tools are providing property owners with an avenue where their projects are examined and renovations are done within a short period.

Here are the leading AI-powered tools that are transforming interior design.

Planner 5D

This tool can be accessible in Android, Mac OS, and Windows. It is one of the highest rising apps which most homeowners and interior designers are using today. The special feature about Planner 5D is that it allows the users to create floor plans and multiple customized designs for different projects. This tool can render a 2D file into a 3D version informed by digitized floor plans. The Planner 5D instantly digitizes floor plans by the use of intelligent neural networks that are compatible with various interior projects. Most of the online reviews acknowledge that it is a life changer tool in interior design.

Homestory AR

The Homestory AR is a powered interior design application that creates an exact sketch size of furniture and other home accessories. This app is made in a way that allows the users to scan the targeted area inside the house and AI capability measures the room’s size, shape and provides a suitable accessory that will fit in the measured space. Moreover, it enables the users to exchange designs and share information, images, and ideas in a virtual 3D virtual room. Homestory AR is available on iOS and utilizes augmented reality and machine learning to provide ideal recommendations after discovering the available space. The app is designed to leverage Apple’s ARkit and was built with JavaScript and React Native that has ensured it provides quick processing.


Smartdraw is a tool that provides a platform for designing, personalizing rooms for any type of house. The users begin with a free trial where they can test if it addresses all their needs and thereafter subscribes to a paid program. It is built with over 45000 templates to help the users select and edit according to their preferences. It also provides the option of CAD drawing where users can create standard pieces for their houses and assist in establishing the floor plan. Smartdraw can also be integrated with many Google apps, Jira, MS word, Excel, and outlook with a single click. When a user wants to download the results, there are various options including PDF among other file formats. Besides, it uses intelligent formatting to create and manipulate designs through the use of SmartDraw’s intelligent engine thus providing professional results.


Hutch is a tool that provides virtual home decor design and editing of templates for building structures. It is suitable for the layman who wants to create designs for their houses or new professionals in the industry of interior design. The user uploads images of rooms and connects them to the custom templates which guide them in designing various aspects of a house. However, the Hutch can link customers with interior design products for them to buy since it updates new products daily. To sum up, AI-powered interior design tools are revolutionizing home decoration. The latest apps allow users to upload 2D and convert them into 3D not to mention the virtual rooms which they offer for people to exchange ideas and buy from each other. For the amateurs in interior design, some tools are suitable and help them by providing customized templates that act as a guide as they edit to achieve the desired results. If you are an interior designer or you want to decorate your home, the above-mentioned apps can be a gamechanger in upgrading your interior.

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